what determines pump prices
What determines Pump Prices

In the Republic of Ireland, tax is by far the single largest component of the pump price. Its pretax cost to the Irish consumer is much less than that of products such as bottled water, milk, orange juice or beer...

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IPIA is delivering energy savings through its subsidiary Enprova to meet the targets set by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment. This has the purpose of increasing the pace...

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Contaminated motor fuels

Diesel laundering and petrol stretching may cause severe damage to your vehicle. They are illegal and involve a service station making undue gains by putting something inappropriate in your fuel tank....

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The State has prescribed that a certain volume of motor fuels (gasoline and motor diesel) be produced from renewable sources and has asked the oil industry for its views on raising the percentage...

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Almost every aspect of our lives has some degree of risk. The transportation of oil by sea and road involves increased potential risk due to the nature of the product from fire and environmental incidents...

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Code of Conduct

IPIA members work closely with the Revenue Commissioners and other State agencies to seek to eradicate illegal activities such as the passing off of laundered fuel or the evasion of excise duty....

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